Insight helps you provide timely, personalised support to your tenants.

What is Insight

What is Insight?

The combined challenges of Universal Credit, welfare reform and the 1% rent reduction mean it's more important than ever to provide timely, personalised support to your customers.

Insight is a unique solution, that combines data from multiple sources into an easy to use dashboard. 

Insight enables you to manage risk proactively and be more efficient with your resources.

  • Purpul bullet Protect income
  • Purpul bullet Reduce operational costs
  • Purpul bullet Identify fraud
How does Insight work?

How does Insight work?

Insight brings together data from your HMS, spreadsheets, CRM and other IT systems and enhances it with information from hundreds of sources.

This provides you with a single, clean and verified view of the facts, enabling you to make informed decisions.

  • Purpul bullet identify risks - anticipate customer needs to intervene early with support and advice
  • Purpul bullet identify a need for Alternative Payment Arrangements (APAs) and drive direct debit uptake where appropriate
  • Purpul bullet understand where additional support may be needed
  • Purpul bullet enable efficient time and capacity planning for staff teams
  • Purpul bullet identify and manage tenancy discrepancies including tenancy fraud
  • Purpul bullet manage an increasing number of fixed term tenancies through the full lifecycle.

What makes Insight different?

"Insight equips us to support tenants, ensuring we use evidence not opinion in our work. The savings are obvious. Our staff access the data immediately and proactively and then have informed one-to-one contact with tenants. The alternative is manually acquiring and scoring public records and then, typically, it would only be in our second or third visit with a tenant that we might fully understand their financial situation. With Insight, we turn up the first visit with the information at our fingertips. That is significant in terms of resources, both time and money."

- Serena Jones, Director of Homes, Communities and Services, Coastal Housing

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Cloud based, accessible and secure data

Insight is built on secure, future-proof technology and accessible from any device with an internet connection. Housing Partners is ISO270001 (2013) accredited, offering additional reassurance that your data, and your tenants' data, is safe with us.

Intelligent segmentation and targeting

Insight's intuitive visual segmentation tools help you understand which of your customers need extra support. This enables your team to prioritise effectively and intervene early, preventing crisis.

Intuitive case and patch management

Insight's straightforward mapping functionality enables your team to manage their territories efficiently. Team members can create and manage cases, adding notes and supporting materials as evidence for APAs or other interventions.

Your data is one of your biggest assets, and in a period of significant change for the sector, landlords must take full advantage of it. Our Award winning product, Insight provides the perfect solution and can be used alongside existing IT systems, augmenting rather than replacing them.

What do our partners say?

North West Local Authority
North West Local Authority

Through using this service we have been able to positively close a number of cases in one particular instance we actually had a tenant hand keys back

Coastline Housing
Coastline Housing

Our Tenancy Management team are using the case management in the product and have already identified one case of tenancy fraud which will save the

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