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HomeGuide is the easy way to find the right housing information and advice for your situation.

What is HomeGuide

What is HomeGuide?

  • blue bullet A secure and simple online housing options solution
  • purpul bullet A mobile-optimised, responsive, user-friendly self-service tool that gives your residents the right housing information for their situation
How can HomeGuide help you

How can HomeGuide help you?

HomeGuide empowers your team to prioritise and be proactive, targeting resources where they are most needed. Our unique service helps you to manage risk with our interactive dashboard, alerts and reporting.

"HomeGuide has really helped us to significantly increase staff efficiencies. By delivering the service online we have seen substantial reductions in the number of walk-in clients we deal with, whilst delivering more informed, consistent and personal advice to customers in real need. This has led to reduced stress levels, happier staff, increased morale and a more efficient housing options service".

What makes HomeGuide different?


Straightforward, localised implementation. We do all the question customisation for you


The only housing options solution that is fully mobile responsive, with a simple, intuitive application journey


Easy-to-use editor to customise the responses you show to residents, with easy-to-follow user guides


You can change the questions and rules, once a year, every year, for the duration of your contract. If a national policy changes, we will change the questions and rules no problem, no additional charge


We will support you with marketing, branding and SEO to help you promote the site to your residents, included in the price


As a true SaaS, the service is all inclusive. There are no hidden costs, offering real value for money

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