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HomeSwapper case study – Wellingborough Homes

We’re always keen to review HomeSwapper from a Registered Provider (RP) and Landlord point of view, in order to share experience and expertise, and most recently we caught up with James Waterton, Housing Services Manager at Wellingborough Homes, a housing association covering the area in and around Northamptonshire.

Although James is relatively new to Wellingborough Homes, he’s worked with HomeSwapper for some time.  We asked him what he rates most highly about the service and he told us that he particularly values the way it allows his housing team to always have an option when having difficult conversations with tenants wanting to move; it’s a great way to end the conversation on a positive note.

We asked James what advice he would give to fellow landlords about HomeSwapper and mutual exchange in general. The biggest barrier that Wellingborough Homes faces, he says, is the fact that many of their tenants lack familiarity with operating online. Therefore, helping their tenants to gain the confidence to manage HomeSwapper is key for them and they have found that working with them one-to-one to register and get them started makes a huge difference – especially if they can do this at the tenant’s property.

We also asked about the advice he’d give to tenants looking for a mutual exchange and he had this to say:

“There is always demand for social housing and there will always be people who want to move to where you are, whatever the area.  If you’re proactive, stay positive and keep looking you will eventually find your swap.”

James is keen to explore making full use of HomeSwapper, particularly Advertise a Void, as he says it would be very useful to see who might be interested in moving into hard to let properties. We look forward to hearing how you get on, James!

A huge thank you to James Waterton and Wellingborough Homes.