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Meet our HomeSwapper Account Manager

We recently wrote about the inspirational team behind our Housing Jigsaw suite of modules and it got us thinking about other areas in which our colleagues are shining. Being the flagship product here at Housing Partners, it was our HomeSwapper system that first came to mind and who better to look to than ‘Mr HomeSwapper’ himself, our HomeSwapper Account Manager, Eddy Irvine.

We spoke with Eddy’s colleagues about the work he does on HomeSwapper and the difference he makes to customers up and down the UK. If you’re a HomeSwapper customer, you’ll undoubtedly have met with Eddy, who makes it his mission to connect with every landlord partnered with HomeSwapper to ensure they’re getting the most out of the service.

Our Head of Research and Marketing, Andrew Lee told us: “I have only worked in social housing for 15 months but from day one Eddy stood out. He had the time and patience to explain to me clearly how good social housing can impact so significantly on people. His passion for social housing and in particular how mutual exchange is key to improving tenants’ lives whatever their need, was clearly brought home to me by Eddy; not least through his own family’s experience of mutual exchange.

“Every day he ‘bangs the drum’ for the need to continually improve and develop our solution and support for tenants and landlords by achieving excellence on all levels.”

Eddy’s total passion for social housing makes him a living advertisement for mutual exchange. Both his parents and his wife’s parents were social housing tenants and Eddy remembers very well the relief of his father making a successful swap after a hip operation from a second floor flat in Glasgow to a ground floor flat around the corner. It’s this passion and understanding of how mutual exchange changes lives that he brings to work every day.

Extra Mile

When speaking with Eddy’s colleagues, the high regard in which they hold him is abundantly clear. He’s well known around the office for always going the extra mile and constantly pushes the whole team to think big, do more and consider all options in helping HomeSwapper users find their dream move.

Debbie Yeomans works alongside Eddy, reaching out to our HomeSwapper landlords to ensure they’re getting the most out of the HomeSwapper system. She tells us what it’s like working with such a staunch advocate of mutual exchange:

“I picked up on Eddy’s passion for mutual exchange and HomeSwapper when I first started at Housing Partners six and a half years ago. In the early days I went out on visits with him whilst learning about mutual exchange and HomeSwapper and listening to him really inspired me.

“His dedication is astounding and you can see how much this means to him. His inspiration has led me to have that same passion. He’s always thinking on his feet and looking for new ways to help and support both landlords and tenants throughout the mutual exchange process. He’s a great character, and together with his personality and drive, everyone around him is motivated and inspired.”

At Housing Partners, we’re very clear that it’s our people that make us who we are. It’s the level of dedication that our staff have to ensuring the systems that we produce consistently work for our customers and are being used to their greatest potential, that makes our solutions the successes they are. We are hugely proud of each and every one of our colleagues and the standards that they uphold every day to ensure that we are delivering systems that truly work for the social housing sector.