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H-CLIC: What have we learned?

When the Homelessness Reduction Act came into force in April of this year, it brought with it H-CLIC, a new statutory homelessness case level data collection that would replace the P1E to monitor the Act.

It was a windy road to get there, with eight different versions of finalised data specification in H-CLIC (Homelessness Case Level Information Collection) between October 2017 and August 2018, but finally in August the first H-CLIC returns were completed. In a recent CLIP meeting attended by NPSS, MHCLG confirmed that a number of improvements were being made in readiness for the next quarter’s submissions to tackle the range of validation issues experienced by local authorities and software suppliers in Q1. In addition to this, a validation glossary is expected to be released in Q2 in order to assist with reviewing any data errors.

During the process and since, NPSS and our team at Housing Partners, have been listening to our local authority users’ experiences of making these first returns in PRAH to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for the next returns in January.

Here are the key areas we have been working on based on our learnings from the last quarter:

H-CLIC fields

Most commonly missed H-CLIC fields

Following on from the first quarter of H-CLIC returns, the Housing Jigsaw team collated the most common fields that officers missed when working on cases. A common theme was missing mandatory H-CLIC data collected during the Triage and Assessment in PRAH as well as not completing the eligibility assessment on Checklist 7 and the homelessness assessment on Checklist 11. From this the team created an H-CLIC checklist tab consisting of 3 pages of H-CLIC questions to ensure that officers completed all the necessary information.

Managing H-CLIC workload

With the deadline looming, the amount of work needed to correct H-CLIC errors if left to the end of the quarter had become apparent. As a result, for Q2 the Housing Jigsaw team have created a handy widget showing:

  • Officers the amount of cases they have with errors
  • Team leaders the amount of cases with errors for their entire team
  • Managers the amount of cases with errors for the organisation

During Q1, H-CLIC validation was previously only available at manager level. We’ve ensured that for Q2 this would also now be available at officer level, meaning that officers can take responsibility for their own H-CLIC errors and warnings.

Using this system, errors can be picked up and corrected along the way, instead of waiting until the end, ensuring that officers don’t run into these issues in the next round of returns.

Easy-read versions

We found that errors were often being caused by officers selecting the incorrect placement duty. Therefore, in PRAH we have an ‘easy-read’ version available on the accommodation placement look up:

Schema updates to come

MHCLG have recently released a further schema 1.4.3, following which, we have been working on a series of validations that will be added to PRAH to prevent cases from progressing until the required H-CLIC fields have been completed.

Along with the most recent Schema update, came an advisory note that a further update is also due. PRAH customers should not however, be concerned;with the multiple changes that have occurred this year, ourteam have been able to get Housing Jigsaw PRAH compliant within 72 hours of the latest H-CLIC schema being released. The system has been honed from the key learnings of Q1, through listening to what our customers needed in order to complete their returns. This has ensured that PRAH can be the fully supportive tool that LAs need for Q2 of H-CLIC returns.

Following the most recent Schema update, a series of validations will be added to PRAH to prevent cases from progressing until the required H-CLIC fields have been completed

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