Greg Andrews, Head of Customer Operations

Meet the Customer Operations Team: Greg Andrews and AIMLogic

Greg Andrews, Head of Customer Operations

AIMLogic is the newest module to be introduced to our TAIM suite of solutions and was developed alongside housing associations, ForHousing and Taff Housing. The software has been designed to bring together the multiple data points available to registered providers to minimise the risk of arrears within an organisation. The solution processes tenancy and payment data daily to automatically classify and prioritise a housing provider’s tenancies into case types that can then be assigned to an income team. The software was ultimately designed to free up staff resources, empowering housing providers to build in the appropriate support for tenancies and minimise their arrears by making best use of their data, expertise, and time.

This week we spoke to Greg Andrews, Head of Customer Operations here at Housing Partners about how we work with customers during the implementation phase of a product and beyond.

In his own words: “I’m responsible for the Customer Operations Team. We support customers closely from the very start of a project, through their implementation phase and then following go-live, we support customers to make sure they’re getting the best out of the product.

Let’s start at the beginning. At the start of a customer relationship, how do you establish with them what success looks like?

“Good question. In some cases that would be for us to share best practices and discuss with a customer during the project kick off meeting and implementation period. For some customers this is established earlier during the pre-sales process. Depending on the product they adopt, the success factors could be a monetary value or a social return on investment. With AIMLogic it could be positively measuring the overall income management of the organisation.

Who is AIMLogic designed for?

“The software helps Income teams proactively manage and support any tenancies that are in danger of falling into arrears or are already in arrears. It’s all about managing income or potential lost income and supporting those tenancies. Those first ‘red flags’ to protect tenants, as well as organisational income, are automatically triggered by AIMLogic into user friendly workflows of cases making it easy for front line staff to work proactively.”

AIMLogic is a newly launched product. How’s it going?

“Whilst AIMLogic is in its infancy, Product Owner Oliver Florence has been working with my team to look after our customers very closely and has been giving customers the extra care and support they need. Because we are building this product in constant communication with our customers, Ollie is currently the first port of call so that suggested changes and enhancements are carefully reviewed and get to the Development team quickly.”

What does the Customer Operations Team offer in terms of support?

“I’m lucky to have a team who are passionate about the sector they work in and are always willing to go the extra mile. Our Implementation Project Managers follow the PRINCE2 project management methodology and are PRINCE2 qualified. A key factor of how we implement products is through regular communication to make sure the customer is constantly involved during the implementation period.

“We want to implement the system exactly to a customer’s requirements, so a key part of our process is to work in collaboration with our customers to configure the solution. Our trainers will come on site and hand hold customers to make sure that they are completely comfortable and confident before they go live.

“We regularly visit our customers to ensure the system is working as expected and there are no issues or barriers, offer any additional training if it’s needed, and share best practices by telling customers how another customer is using the product to achieve a certain goal. A key part of our role is to gain feedback on product enhancements and new ideas – in truth we don’t leave them alone!

“I’ve worked for a number of software companies over the years and the key thing for me that sets Housing Partners apart is we continuously ensure that our customers are getting the best out of our products; and we continue to support and value them following go live.

“We are very keen to work with customers and listen to their suggestions, hear new product enhancement ideas, or even new products completely. Recently a new product, LAM (Legacy Advanced Management) was developed off the back of a conversation at a Customer Success meeting.  We don’t sit still – we are continually listening and updating our products through an Agile product release process.”

How do Registered Providers and Local Authorities react to sharing best practice ideas?

“Housing people talk to each other; they often move from company to company and the sector is quite close; this means customers are always very interested to know what their peers are doing.  We share things like case studies and testimonials or just simply the way that other customers have embedded and are using our products. For example, some customers might implement a campaign through one of the TAIM products to support vulnerable tenants and share with us the results.”

What do you enjoy about your job and enjoy about the housing sector’s resilience at what is quite a difficult time?

“I absolutely love my job when I get out and meet people. My role is all about meeting customers and helping them to implement and get the best out of our products. It’s incredibly rewarding meeting people and seeing them use our solutions, knowing they help to support our customers and their tenants.

“My role is a really varied one that covers pre-sales support, implementation configuration, project management, assisted support during user acceptance testing, training and ongoing customer success.

“We aim to build long-term successful relationships with our customers and I have a great team supporting me with this.”

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