Mental Health Awareness Week at Housing Partners

Mental Health Awareness Week
Lesley Westwood and Olivia Hill

Lesley Westwood and Olivia Hill, Housing Partners’ mental health champions

Mental Health Awareness Week at Housing Partners

This week, the 13th– 17th May has marked Mental Health Awareness Week, an annual initiative organised by the Mental Health Foundation. In recent years, barriers around the understanding of mental health have been consistently broken down, leaving people more open to discussing the various manifestations of our mental health.

We recently announced at Housing Partners, that we had appointed two members of staff as mental health champions; Lesley Westwood, Head of Finance and Olivia Hill, HR Advisor. Their role has been to help equip their colleagues with the skills necessary to recognise symptoms of distress, engage with those experiencing difficulty and offer pathways to appropriate support.

This Mental Health Awareness Week has seen our mental health champions organise daily activities designed to enforce some of the key principles behind wellness. Here, we give a round-up of the week’s activities and daily themes.


Monday’s theme was MOTIVATE.

In order to motivate ourselves for the week ahead, we took Monday as an opportunity to bring the team together and play some lunch-time games, have a bit of fun and get us talking.

Housing Partners at Coffee Time


On Tuesday, our theme was MOVE.

We took this is an opportunity for us to get active – a healthy body leads to a healthy mind! We organised a lunchtime walk, followed by a spot of chair yoga.


Wednesday’s theme was SHARE.

We really wanted to get people connecting with each other beyond work – and we did so by luring them in with cake! We got our colleagues chatting and getting to know about each other’s lives outside of work.


On Thursday our theme was DISCOVER.

We opened up our minds and calmed our thoughts on Thursday with a 5 minute morning and afternoon mindfulness session.


And finally… Friday’s theme has been BOND.

Perfect timing for our staff away day to Alton Towers. An opportunity for the team to get together outside of the office & make some memories!

It’s been a week full of fun, activities and bonding for our wonderful staff – and it really can be these simple things that we can use to support one another in the workplace, as Olivia reminds us:

“It’s important that as a company we remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues. The aim this week was to get staff talking, bonding and having fun, whilst promoting awareness and highlighting the importance of good mental health.

We realise that staff are the foundation of this company, so creating a positive working environment, supporting our staff and wellbeing is a top priority for us.”