Have you got a software idea that you think could really make a difference?  Want to work in partnership with an organisation to take your idea forward?

Housing Partners

As our name suggests, Housing Partners was created to work together with the housing sector in building software solutions to help RPs and LAs support their tenants.

We understand that the people who know just what’s needed are the ones who are working in the sector day in, day out.  We can help turn the beginnings of an idea, or a complicated make-do spreadsheet or paper-based system, into software that works smoothly for everyone.

While our partners from the sector (that’s people like you!) are best placed to provide the expertise about exactly what the software should do, we like to think we’re the perfect choice to make this happen.  Our core values, our track record in using the most modern techniques and our excellent capabilities speak for themselves. We’re very proud of our latest partnership, where we were chosen by the National Practitioner Support Service (NPSS) to work with them in creating Housing Jigsaw.

John Carthew, our Head of Product, leads the ‘Plant A Seed’ new product development programme.  If you have an idea, he and his team will work with you to evaluate it honestly.  If it’s got potential, we’ll work in partnership with you to build it quickly. John says, “Housing Partners is the pot full of peat that you can put your good idea seed in, and it will develop into an idea that we will share with you and take out into the sector.”

If you have an idea – or even the beginnings of one – contact us today.  We can take it, put it in a Housing Partners ‘pot’ and see if we can help you grow it into something special.