The income protection solution

How does Insight work?

Insight generates a comprehensive financial overview and personal support profile for social housing tenants. To do this, Insight automatically aggregates and manipulates multiple sources of internal and external data to identify residency anomalies, fraud and tenants in need of enhanced levels of future support and intervention.

This valuable customer intelligence will assist your team on a daily basis to support and improve the delivery of services to tenants. Insight provides a single, simple to use, clean and verified view of the facts, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Benefits of using Insight

  • Identify risks by anticipating customer needs and intervene early with support and advice

  • Understand where additional support may be needed

  • Enable efficient time and capacity planning for staff teams

  • Identify and manage tenancy discrepancies including tenancy fraud

  • Manage an increasing number of fixed term tenancies through the full lifecycle

  • Identify a need for Alternative Payment Arrangements (APAs) and drive direct debit uptake

  • Pre-emptively identifies tenants who are at risk of financial distress

  • Identifies unlawful tenants blocking access to housing by identifying potential tenancy fraud

  • Validates that those living at the property are those who should be living at the property

  • Identifies propensity to pay by Direct Debit, supports DD-campaign activity and automatically generates mailing list (if desired)

  • Pre-tenancy financial assessment ensures that the correct support, actions & controls are established

  • Tailored tenant database segmentation. Includes user-defined fields, analytics and visual segmentation tools help you understand which of your customers need extra support.

  • Generates full financial overview of tenants including trend graphs

  • In-tenancy financial assessment ensures that the correct support, actions & controls are established

  • Monthly ‘Former Tenant Debt’ identifies where your former tenants are now living

How has it helped?

It allows us to better understand a potential tenant’s situation. Those at high risk are passed to our Tenancy Sustainment Officer who works to improve their situation. To date, Insight has helped us achieve a 98% success rate in completed first year tenancies.

South Derbyshire Council

What makes it different?

Insight equips us to support tenants, ensuring we use evidence not opinion in our work. The cost and time savings are obvious. Our staff access the data immediately and proactively and can then have informed one-to-one contact with tenants.

Coastal Housing

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