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Welcome to the HomeSwapper Marketing Resources Centre with advice and content to support your own marketing efforts. If there’s anything you would like to see here or have any suggestions, please email us at

This section has a series of useful items such as leaflets and posters that are all downloadable and ready to use for tenant events or in your public areas. They are hi-res and ready to print, some with print-friendly greyscale options.  There are also website and online ads in various sizes that you are welcome to use on your tenant websites, as email attachments or to post on social media.

Welcome Guide


A5 leaflet (col)


A5 leaflet (b/w)


Add Photos leaflet (col)


Add Photos leaflet (b/w)


Matches App Leaflet


Top 10 Tenant Tips


A3 poster


MultiSwap Leaflet


Web advert (MPU)


Web advert (sky)


Web ad ‘photos’ (sky)


HomeSwapper Logo


The HomeSwapper Marketing Guide for Landlords


Newsletter resources

Here you can find content specifically designed for your email newsletters to tenants, plus a collection of tenant testimonials. We’ve put together a series of short snippets and longer articles ready to drop into your tenant newsletters – we hope the latest updates, top tips and useful advice will help your tenants to get the very best out of HomeSwapper. The short snippets and the testimonials are also ideal for posting on social media. We’ll be adding new content monthly so you will always have something new to share. If you need any information or have any questions, please contact us by emailing


SwapperCentral is the HomeSwapper blog written by and for tenants in social housing who are looking to swap homes. It’s designed and maintained by Housing Partners, who run the HomeSwapper website. We publish regular updates on how to get the most from HomeSwapper.

January 2019

Send out our new MultiSwaps leaflet


December 2018

Review your HomeSwapper advert – a useful checklist


October 2018

HomeSwapper Match Filters – full length article


HomeSwapper Match Filters – Short version with link


September 2018

HomeSwapper update – new message rules


HomeSwapper and Google Streetview


July 2018

Using HomeSwapper? Social media can help


June 2018

Looking for a swap? What to look for when looking for a potential home


The SwapperCentral blog


May 2018

The HomeSwapper app (full version)


The HomeSwapper app (short version)


Success with HomeSwapper

(A series of three features of top tips)

How to make a great ad


Working with other swappers


How to find the perfect match


Tenant Testimonials

In this section, we will carry tenant testimonials at their successes with using HomeSwapper. They will be real life stories of how HomeSwapper has made a real difference in their lives. We’ll be adding new content monthly so you will always have something new to share. If you need any information or have any questions, please contact us by emailing


“It took a while but got to be where I wanted to be. Homeswapper was easy to use and loved being able to communicate directly with other homeswappers and see photos of the property. Being able to see photos of the property is really important!”


“HomeSwapper was great and found us our perfect match”


“I have a beautiful house now and when I wake up every day I still can’t believe that it’s mine. Have used this site a couple of times now. Love it. Easy to use, nice platform and loads of options. Thank you HomeSwapper. I couldn’t be happier”


“It didn’t take long to find my perfect swap. I am so happy in my new place – thank you HomeSwapper”


“I’m glad I joined and I found a wonderful new home, thank you HomeSwapper”


“HomeSwapper was very helpful indeed. Thank you very much for your services. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact HomeSwapper again, if I considered moving in the future.”


“Easy to use and found a swap within a week!”


“HomeSwapper is a great way to find a swap if everyone replies to messages and logs on regularly. I never thought it was going to happen, but now it has, so good luck!”


“HomeSwapper was so easy to use… all the hard work was done for you, all we had to do was look for the kind of property we needed”


“Brilliant website. Easy to use. Found a 3-way MultiSwap via HomeSwapper and we are over the moon”


“The app is great; my experience on HomeSwapper was easy and I found the swap I wanted. Very happy!!”


“We have found our happy home!”


“We were contacted about moving to a ground level flat in an ideal area for us and knew it would be fantastic for us immediately when we visited. We would advise others to try and persevere, as things worked out brilliantly for us in the end.”


“I’ve done a few mutual exchanges through HomeSwapper, but feel like I have found my forever home now at last. My home is everything I wanted – I couldn’t have done it without the help of HomeSwapper.”


“Was really easy to use and I had found what I was looking for, and exchanged, within 3 months!”


“Fantastic – found a swap within 6 months!”


“I found the app easy to use and I liked getting notifications directly to my phone. We found the whole process easy and straightforward – we are very excited about moving to our new home!”


“It takes regular input, communication and extending searches sometimes to find the right property. Don’t give up, as there will be homes you like and eventually someone will be in agreement and the swap can proceed. I am currently in the middle of the actual swap, completed forms and we have agreed a swap date – I have to say this is all going smoothly! Overall this has been a great experience and remember, you only get out of it what you put in :)”


“I’ve finally found a perfect match. HomeSwapper has been easy to use and has a great variety of properties to register your interest in. I was let down a few times by others who didn’t really know what they wanted, however once you find someone who likes your home, the rest takes care of itself. Good luck to you all!”


“Absolutely fabulous service. Happy that everyone is asked to reply to messages. Words of advice: don’t give up looking on HomeSwapper – your dream home will come, just be patient. Thank you Homeswapper Team”


“I’m so happy that I put my place in HomeSwapper – I got the house that I wanted!”


“It’s worked for us! We’ve found our forever home with a direct swap. Thank you!!!”


“Couldn’t have found our ideal property and swap without the HomeSwapper app, so simple to use”


“I found the HomeSwapper site excellent. I managed to find a swap in my ideal location within a week of registering. Very happy.”


“HomeSwapper was excellent, as we managed to find a great home to swap with only a week after registering and we exchanged homes 4 months later!”


“HomeSwapper helped so much and I got a house out of it. I never thought I’d get a house when I was in a flat. Thank you HomeSwapper!”


“We’re overjoyed to find the perfect 3 bed home that is similar to the one we already have; it’s come at the perfect time.”


“I loved it, I had so many viewings!”


“HomeSwapper was instrumental in this move and I would never have found my new home without it. I’m so pleased and love my new home.”


“After looking for a suitable swap for a long time, I started looking for MultiSwaps with HomeSwapper and the whole process became a lot easier and more enjoyable. I’ve met many great people along the way and have now found a lovely little home. Thanks HomeSwapper!”


“I am so grateful for HomeSwapper as I have been wanting to move to a bigger house for years and now I finally have!”


“I was looking for a direct swap for a few years until I found a prefect home through HomeSwapper and I swapped last month. I’m so happy!”


“Very good. If it was not for the HomeSwapper website I would have not been able to find the person that I am swapping my flat with.”


“I was only on this site for 3 weeks before I found a swap. I found the site simple and easy to use and the overall experience very good.”


“Found the perfect house and made a new friend in the process – I couldn’t be happier! Don’t give up because your house is out there”


“Very helpful and efficient found my swap, waited till after pregnancy, got in touch again and moved! Right houses right times!”


“The whole swapping process went really well. From our first viewings to move day it took only 8 weeks. I would say to people looking to swap, don’t give up because your ideal home is out there somewhere, it just takes time.


“A very useful tool, delivering a valuable service, enabling essential mobility of households.”


I’m really grateful to HomeSwapper that I got my dream house after 3 years.”


“HomeSwapper is truly amazing! I never thought I would find somewhere as perfect as I have. I love my current property but have outgrown it and needed to find somewhere with an extra bedroom and more storage and that is exactly what I found, the process was surprisingly simple and I am just so happy!”

All of the images below can be used in any HomeSwapper emails, articles, social media posts or literature. They are high resolution for online and social use. Just click on the image to download it. These images are provided with copyright permission from HPL but must only be used in the context of HomeSwapper promotion and cannot be used for anything else.

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Working with other swappers
HomeSwapper FAQ
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