SwapTracker – designed by you!

SwapTracker is the exciting new case management system, that helps manage landlords and tenants through the mutual exchange process from end-to-end – significantly reducing the level of administration required. This revolutionary development has no precedent, so making sure that it works appropriately from day one is no easy task!  That’s why we’ve been working directly with our HomeSwapper landlords.

David Grint, CEO of Housing Partners, opens the first SwapTracker forum

Creating new software solutions to address the needs and wants of both end-users and housing providers is at the very heart of what Housing Partners is about. Our vision is “Working Together We Can Do The Right Thing”.  And when we say “Together”, we do not just mean with one or two landlords – we mean many landlords together in a room, discussing how we can develop software that will work for the full range of needs!

Last week over 20 people from seven different housing providers came together with Housing Partners at The University of Warwick to discuss exactly how SwapTracker should be designed to best meet collective needs. Walsall Housing Group, Futures Housing Group, Rykneld Homes, Monmouthshire Housing Association, Solihull Community Housing, Bournville Village Trust, and NW Leicestershire DC joined together to act with us as one to shape SwapTracker.  This user group will continue to work directly with Housing Partners to develop the software, its user journey and the full user experience.

 “After today, I’m very positive and looking forward to the launch of SwapTracker”
David Brown, Walsall Housing Group

The day consisted of groups working together to discuss specific issues, as well as individual thinking and plenary sessions.  The focus shifted from detailed product development matters, led by Nigel Carter, lead systems analyst for HomeSwapper, to customer and user discussions led by Mel Bridge, lead product manager for HomeSwapper. By working in this way, our pilot group are reducing SwapTracker development time and ensuring that the product is as appropriate and relevant to its users as it can be.

And this is just the start… we now have 24 registered providers signed up to SwapTracker, all of whom we will be talking to before the product is released in March 2019.  Through this process of two-way communication, we – and you – can be sure that the launch version of the system will be as user-centric as possible, helping to significantly simplify and manage the process of mutual exchange for all future SwapTracker customers.

How will SwapTracker work?

The tenant Dashboard (above) is designed to show the swapper all the relevant information in one easy-to-understand screen. It shows them exactly where they are in the swap process; the tasks that have been completed and those that are still outstanding, which actions need to be completed by the tenant and how long is left in the swap process.

The landlord Dashboard (above) clearly shows each housing officer’s swap workload and where in the swap cycle each of those cases is, along with actions and prompts for which tasks are due, pending or overdue.

“We’re really looking forward to going live with the SwapTracker programme”
Joanne Ball and Vicky Standring, Rykneld Homes

If you would like to find out more about joining either the SwapTracker advanced development group or the SwapTracker solution itself, please feel free to contact us at team@homeswapper.co.uk