The launch of AIMLogic

As a software provider working within the social housing sector, part of the role of Housing Partners is to keep abreast of the challenges facing the sector and following this, to create solutions that answer that need. During focus groups held with housing providers, it became apparent that they were facing a unique set of demands on both their income and on officer time.

With the advent of Universal Credit, the workload of income teams is set to increase, while rental arrear levels are also being directly impacted, increasing at an unsustainable rate. Those we spoke with also indicated that supporting tenants to ensure timely rent payments, collect rental arrears and set up repayment plans was a process burdened with heavy administration; thus eating up the very income that was collected. Moreover, there seemed to be a lack of solutions on the market that allowed customisation and regular enhancement that would reflect the rapidly changing income landscape.

As a response to this, in close partnership with those same expert practitioners, last week we were proud to launch our income management solution, AIMLogic. The solution has been designed to minimise the risk of arrears by automatically classifying tenancies into case types to be prioritised and assigned to officers within an income team. Each officer is able to view a visual overview of how many cases they have assigned and which priority they’re in, ensuring that best use is made of their individual areas of expertise.

Tenants’ financial behaviour is analysed, allowing for more effective allocation of internal resources, while each income manager can choose the information that will be shown for a tenancy and in which order. All of which serves to cut down on costly admin time and ensure that each officer is able to work in the way that suits them best.

Responding to the fluctuating income climate, it was also imperative that AIMLogic included layers of customisation that could reflect the business priorities and regional context of individual housing providers, in order to maximise collection rates and secure income.

Housing Jigsaw ALERT

Key to the functionality of AIMLogic is the fact that it has been created in partnership with practitioners. Every step of the way we’ve ensured that the software works in the way that income teams need it to work. Officers can ‘postpone’ cases in the system when a payment is expected, as well as ‘dismiss’ them, which allows individual officers to tell us when they think we can enhance the way AIMLogic classifies tenancies. Feedback like this is collated and used to drive continuous improvement, ensuring that each income managers’ expertise works in harmony with the solution.

Another element in which practitioner feedback has been essential, is in the easy-to-use design of AIMLogic’s interface. Using a process of continuous feedback and iterative working, screens like the ‘tenancy summary’ screen have been built to show income teams the information needed to understand the case type raised and to contact the tenant.

An important part of AIMLogic’s success has been this steadfast commitment to maintaining a learning mindset. To that end, our product team is available for workshops at your offices in order to learn about how you work and the challenges you face, as well as to answer any queries on the functionality of AIMLogic.

Housing providers are already using our solution and with it ready to use ‘out of the box’, the full implementation of the solution can be completed within 3-6 weeks, following the agreement of KPIs for the housing provider in question.

If you’re interested in further discussing how our AIMLogic solution can assist your income team, or to propose a workshop, we’d be very happy to hear from you at